Travel Credit


Bili is offering Members who cancel a Qualifying Reservation the option to have Bili help fund their next booking (the “Offer”). The Offer is made for a limited time only, but may be extended from time to time by Bili. If you have a Qualifying Reservation, you will be presented with the Offer in the reservation cancellation flow or another part of the Bili Platform.

Important Definitions

“Expiration Date” means: (i) the last day that you can redeem the Offer by confirming your next booking through the Bili Platform, and (ii) the last day that your next booking can begin (i.e. check-in must be no later than the Expiration Date). The Expiration Date is December 30, 2024 unless we specify another date through the Bili Platform.

“Offer Amount” means the amount of the Offer as displayed to you in the Bili Platform (not to exceed 200% of your booking value). The Offer Amount may vary depending on factors such as the applicable Listing cancellation policy or the amount you have actually paid for your reservation. In some cases the Offer Amount may be equal to the amount you paid in Bili fees for the Qualifying Reservation.

“Qualifying Reservation” means a booking for a stay that was made on or before March 14, 2023, and has been designated in the Bili Platform as being eligible for the Offer. The following are expressly excluded: (i) reservations that have already begun, (ii) reservations that were previously canceled, (iii) reservations made by Members who reside in mainland China for stays in mainland China.