Trust & Safety

Ensuring Your Identity is Verified

At Bili, our goal is to foster an environment of trust among our users, including guests and Hosts. While we acknowledge that no system for verifying identity is entirely infallible and we can't absolutely guarantee the authenticity of every user, we are committed to implementing measures that enhance the assurance of genuine interactions within our community. This commitment is reflected in our verification processes for users.

Verification Requirements for Users

We mandate verification for Hosts and guests making reservations. This may involve confirming your personal details such as legal name, residential address, contact number, and other relevant information. In situations where your identity cannot be verified through the provided personal details, we may request a photo of your government-issued ID and a selfie. It's important to note that in certain regions, our standard verification methods might not be applicable or sufficient. Additionally, if irregularities are detected on the platform, further verification including government ID and/or selfie may be required. Some specific Experiences on Bili might also necessitate identity verification.

Protecting You and the Bili Community

Our priority is your safety. To this end, we actively monitor communications on the Bili platform to intercept and block messages that could pose risks, including those with potential personal contact details or external links. This is part of our broader effort to ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for all Bili users.