About Us

About us

Before the introduction of Bili, renters in cities with high living costs, such as New York City, resorted to advertising their available rooms or apartments on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They aimed to find temporary occupants to help cover their rent during periods of absence. This approach often posed challenges for newcomers to the city, who might have limited local networks to leverage for spreading the word. Additionally, the absence of a dedicated platform for secure information exchange and payment processing made these arrangements both inefficient and risky. By joining Bili, members are welcomed into a vast community of verified individuals, offering a reliable network of potential renters who are trusted to responsibly care for their homes while they are away.

What makes Bili different

Bili isn't just another rental platform; it's a community of like-minded individuals connected through mutual trust. Distinct from platforms such as Vrbo and Airbnb, where accommodations are often offered by professional hosts aiming for profit, Bili operates on a different ethos. Here, members list their spaces not to earn a profit, but with the practical goal of offsetting rent costs during times they are away, allowing them to redirect these funds towards enriching their travel experiences.